Bike - Donor

USAMotoparts is a motorcycle parts dealer of several major spare parts/units suppliers and a purchaser of donor motorcycles for subsequent disassembly.

We sell both, brand new spare parts/units and used spare parts/units in perfect condition.

USAMotoparts purchases motorcycles suitable for disassembly at insurance auctions and from private individuals. Also, we purchase new motorcycles, so we always have individual parts/units in stock, including parts/units for the latest models of motorcycles, including MY2019.

Our services and fees:

  1. Purchase of a motorcycle from an auction; Dealer Fee - $150;
  2. Donor disassembly; Disassembly Fee - $350;
  3. Packaging of the parts/units;
  4. Shipping of the parcel to the Client.

USAMotoparts is permitted to send packages via regular flights around the world with 2-4 days delivery.

The buyout of a donor significantly reduces the price of spare parts, since buying a motorcycle at an insurance auction provides our clients with an opportunity to buy a motorcycle at a price lower than in an open market. You will be pleasantly surprised by the prices we have to offer! By purchasing a Donor at a low price, you thereby reduce the cost of spare parts. You can also order NEW parts through us. Ordering new parts includes a 10% commission fee.

What if you only need a single spare part, such as an engine? If you buy a donor because of a single part, and you do not need the frame and other parts, then we put the unwanted parts for sale in the United States, through eBay or similar auction websites. After the part is sold, we will transfer the proceeds to the financial institution of our choice (PayPal, bank account, etc.). It is possible that through the sale of unwanted parts/units through online auctions, you will be able to return a significant part of the initial investment you have made when purchasing the Donor!

U.S. secondary parts market is a business that brings a good income!

You can start your own used spare parts business in the United States and around the world through auctions such as eBay or Amazon. USAMotoparts will disassemble the motorcycle purchased by you and put all the parts up for sale or. Alternatively, we provide disassembly/storage/distribution services, should you choose to sell the spare parts yourself. In that case, we would disassemble the Donor and send you pictures of spare parts, so you can start selling on your own.

USAMotoparts LLC’s Donor Bike Program

 How does it work?
  1. Customer tells what parts he or she needs.
  2. We purchase a suitable motorcycle at an auction in the United States. A $100 dealer commission applies to all purchases.
  3. The Donor is delivered to USAMotorparts, LLC’s location. The delivery costs vary depending on distance. The payment for delivery is made only after the delivery.
  4. We disassembly the donor for a low price of $350.
  5. We take care of all customs issues for overseas customers.
  6. Unwanted Bike parts are sold in the United States.
  7. 10% Commission Fee applies to all sales.
Discounts for regular wholesale customers are available! All discounts are negotiated separately. Contact us today to see if you qualify!